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Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem was established in 1980 by Dr Suresh Singh (Mathur). He was a technocrat and a visionary and serving the fertilizer industry since 1964. He had developed many processes and took several patents on the subject. Under his able leadership and guidance, the company developed more than 200 speciality products for the Fertilizer industry and cooling water treatment.

We were the first in Asia to manufacture HEDP (organophosphate) and implement its usage in cooling water treatment. The Company today manufactures and provide customized solutions for cooling treatment & Fertilizer Quality Improvement.

The products designed to give a free-flowing, dust-free and shining granules of Fertilizer. It ensures that the problems of caking, dusty and discolouration are easily overcome with the use of its products. The physical properties remain good from Factory to Field.

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