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To keep fertilizer granules/prills free-flowing Neelam Aqua offers a wide range of anti-caking agents for fertilizers like Urea, ANP, CAN, AN, DAP, NPK and other complex fertilizers. For phosphatic and complex fertilizers we provide NEELCOAT range. Similarly, for Urea URECOAT range with a wide range of formulations. Fertilizers are coated with these anti-caking agents remains free-flowing even after a long duration of storage under high temperature and pressure adverse climatic conditions. These Anti-caking agents are easy to use formulations, which can be conveniently sprayed on granules/ prills over a moving conveyor or at transfer points, or inside a coating drum. Apart from the anti-caking effect, these coating agents also function as dust suppressors. They change the post-production crystal-forming tendencies thus checking the crystal bridging, caking, and dust generation. They are generally dozed in the range of 0.2 to 0.5 kg per ton of fertilizer.



Neelam Aqua offers non-silicon based defoamers for phosphoric acid manufacturing plants. NEELCO formulations are advanced technology defoamers, which are dosed in very low quantities and give excellent defoaming results.

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To improve the crushing strength and to reduce fines and dust generation NEELOFIX granulating aids are the best products for complex and phosphatic fertilizers. In Urea manufacturing, adding UREFIX as a granulating aid gives higher prill strength and reduces dust emissions from the prilling tower and inside the plant area. Higher prill strength ensures prills of good shape and size, without fines and dust. These granulating aids are dozed in small quantities and hence proves to be very economical.

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Neelam Aqua, manufacturers froth floatation agent for the beneficiation of phosphate, potash and a variety of ores. These Flotation agents are tailor-made to suit the customer-specific requirements. They are easy to dose. The flotation agents manufactured by Neelam Aqua are a blend of the latest technology polymers which gives efficient flotation at low dose rates. In addition to the supply of these products, Neelam Aqua also provides customized solutions for the Mining Industry. The Company also manufactures specialized High Molecular weight flocculants for clarification of process water.



Neelam Aqua offers NEELCOAT-CL series of colouring agents to give a distinctive brand image to fertilizers. These colouring agents can be incorporated with any of the above speciality chemicals or can be applied separately also, as required.


Neelam Aqua manufactures compounds- NEELCOAT 1N 1000- for the slow release of Nitrogen. These compounds are suitably blended with the nitrogenous fertilizer.

It delays the hydrolysis of Nitrogenous fertilizer and makes nutrient available to the plants over a long period.

The excessive build-up of ammonia is reduced. Also, the nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization is reduced. The continuous & steady uptake of nitrogen by the plants results in higher crop yield.

Our customers are our partners in problem-solving because the conditions vary from plant to plant and since the optimum results depend on the correct treatment. Hence, we at Neelam Aqua believe in adopting the scientific approach.

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Urea is the major source of Nitrogenous fertilizer world wide. However, a large part of the Nitrogen from Urea is lost and does

not add to the nutrient value. With the increasing cost of Urea production, it is becoming important to save and judiciously use every part of the urea prill. “Nitrogen from Urea is released in the soil and leached by the activity of nitrifying bacteria Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas. These bacterias turn nitrogen in nitrite and then into nitrate which is highly mobile in nature when present in the soil. By these processes, approximate 50% to 65% of nitrogen provided by urea is lost. A solution to this problem of nitrogen loss from urea is to coat the area with


 OMRI Certificate

Advantages of using “Neelcoat NM L” in Urea

  1.  Slows down the process of nitrification of urea.

  2. Enhances the yield by 48%.

  3. Decreases urea requirement, hence economical.

  4. “Neelcoat NML” urea affects the slow release of nitrogen during the critical phases of growth.

  5. Controls nematodes, termites, pests and insects.

  6. Excellent soil conditioner and Natural Bio Pesticides.

  7. Environmental Friendly and Non-Toxic.

  8. Reduces Urea Consumption.

  9. Convenient and easy to apply.

  10. Packing “Neelcoat NML” is packed in tanker load / IBC / Barrels

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