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• Antiscalants • Biocides • Polymeric dispersant • Chlorine dioxide

In power plants, petroleum refineries, petrochemical & fertilizer industries, the consumption of water is exceptionally high for cooling purpose. Since the cooling efficiency of a system directly affects the production output, energy-saving and overall plant efficiency, it becomes imperative to employ a technically sound cooling water treatment program, geared with experience and expertise, for the smooth running of the plant & to achieve all the economies of scale. Based on the experience of more than 30 years. NEELAM AQUA specializes in various cooling water treatment programs for all types of industries.

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  • Corrosion inhibitor

  • Oxygen scavenger

  • Antiscalants

  • pH controller

  • Boiler descaling

NEELAM AQUA offers the DESBRUCK series of boiler water treatment chemicals that includes descalents, anti-scalent, corrosion inhibitors, pH controllers, oxygen scavengers and fuel additives. Boiler water treatment chemicals are formulations that are extensively used in various industries for efficient working of boiler & hot water generators. The products are based on advanced international technologies, designed to give better performance & economy than conventional products.


• Antifoam • Antiscalants • pH booster

NEELAM AQUA manufactures a complete range of products for Multistage Flash Evaporators. These products are non-toxic, environment friendly & safe for drinking water applications.

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• Flocculants • Antifoam • Ferrous sulphate • Alum

With the reducing groundwater level & when the entire world is talking about water savings, the reuse of ETP water system or other systems is one of the most significant achievements of chemical treatment towards water conservation. NEELAM AQUA offers a series of anionic, non-ionic, reducing & cationic polymers for ETPs, sludge dewatering, and belt press. These polymers & biological treatment chemicals from NEELAM AQUA give a complete solution to the treatment.


  • Scale inhibitor

  • Biocide

  • Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Partially hydrolysed polyacrylamide

  • Demulsifier

  • OSD (Oil spill dispersant)

  • PPD ( pour point depressant)

  • Cobalt Acetate

​NEELAM AQUA manufactures & supplies various speciality chemicals for oil industry, like emulsifiers, demulsifiers, pour point depressants, antiscalent, corrosion inhibitors & bactericides based on the latest technologies.

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  • Water analysis

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Pipeline pre-cleaning

  • Corrosion monitoring

  • Online cleaning of heat exchangers

Technical services are an integral part of every water treatment program by NEELAM AQUA. The company has created a niche for itself by providing prompt & excellent technical service executive back up for all its products. Our services start form the moment there is a requirement / requisition for a treatment program Our technical service executive visits the plants & after a detailed discussion with the concerned plant personnel compiles the relevant data required for designing the treatment. This data is then analyzed by the R&D team to drive a treatment program that is tailored to perfectly fit into the requirements of the plant. After the techno-commercialdiscussion proposal is submitted & confirmed, the treatment program is implemented under expert technical supervision.


  • Because Neelam Aqua manufactures even the basic chemicals like HEDP, Quat, Amm compounds, Polymers etc. required for Water Treatment.

  • Because Neelam Aqua has a number of offices and agents all over the globe

  • Because Neelam Aqua provides expert technical services round the clock.

  • Because Neelam Aqua has its own R&D and Quality Control lab.

  • Because Neelam Aqua has an experience of more than 40 years.

  • Because Neelam Aqua Products are most reasonably priced to suit every industry.

  • Because Neelam Aqua is committed to provide the most efficient treatment based on latest technology.

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